Monday, October 8, 2007

Automotive Prediction Monday: Like Football..Only Not

Blogs are taking over the world aaahhhh!!! Two years ago blogging was for the "social misfits" or attention seekers, now everyone is blogging. There are funny blogs, sad blogs, entertaining blogs even blogs that are little more than a few random sentences every great once in a while, but no matter what the content someone somewhere will eventually read these missives.

66% of Americans trust blogs for their product recommendations according to the Nielson Global Survey. Now if I owned a car dealership I would run right out and grab myself a couple of college interns to write a high quality, regularly updated blog for my website. I would have them scour the nets and link to blogs that have positive reviews of whatever the hot model of the week is. Not only would the dealership have a "fresher" online presence but they would be building up their sites keyword density which helps the relevancy scores.

So here is my prediction: In two years it will be almost impossible to sell a car without an excellent blog. I see the PPC market to become so prohibitively expensive that smaller dealerships will have to turn to more creative methods of advertising.

That is my prediction for this Monday...oh wait I have a bonus prediction:

My saying I like Triscuits will not make them more popular...well at least not yet :)

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