Friday, March 28, 2008

PPC Marketing - A Dealerships Answer Affordable Advertising

We all know that floor traffic is down, way down. With gas prices sky high and money getting tighter by the day people are less willing and less able to visit a variety of dealerships before they make a purchase. So the question is how do we get top quality leads into your dealership for less than traditional media costs? The answer is simple, Pay Per Click.

PPC marketing offers you a lot of advantages over traditional marketing outlets. For instance, with Pay Per click you only pay for the ads that people click on, so your ad could receive 200,000 impressions a month and it may never cost you a penny. This varies greatly from traditional media such as radio where you have to pay just for having your ad played, the more it's played the more you pay. In traditional media you are also restricted to a specific publication date or time slot, but on the Internet your ad is working for you whenever the searcher is working. The cost per click is also a lot cheaper with PPC, usually pennies on a dollar. If a keyword is hot, give it more money, if it's not kick it to the curb.

The bottom line for your bottom line is that Internet marketing can reach a greater variety of leads for a lot less money. The average is ~70.00 per person who walks into your dealership or less than 20.00 on average per lead.


evan said...

just stopped by to check out your blog, twitter friend.

Anuj Dwivedi said...

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