Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blog Thoughts - Connections -Why Your Dealership has to Blog

Why is it that you keep reading certain blogs over and over again and others you dismiss after a few lines? What value are you looking for from your blog reading? Why do people keep visiting myspace.com when the pages are so god awful busy and ugly? The answer for most people is connection.

The world is changing, and it is infinitely more intimate then it was when I was a little girl. In the past *cough* 20ish years *cough* we have gone from the idea of "big business" to the global marketplace. Brand is no longer the most important factor in choosing a company, especially for women. Women want to buy from people they trust, we want to know that if our car breaks down the company/dealership will take care of it because they care about us. Today's busy woman demands a dealership she can have a close relationship with. She has to know that when she hands over her keys that every care is going to be made to address the concern, and that the dealership is going to go above and beyond to protect her family and save her money on costly repairs.

Buying a car is a lot like buying meat was back when the "Brady Bunch" was on tv. Alice always bought the families meat from the same butcher because he knew what she liked, how she liked it and he would even deliver it if something came up. Sam was more then just the guy who cut their meat, he was an extension of the family, he was part of Alice's external support network. Just like Sam, your dealership can become a part of the family, and the best place to start is your blog.

Avinash Kaushik makes a great point in his blog Occam's Razor, that to be successful your blog has to be a discussion and not a monologue. I would also argue that your blog should be reflective of the writer as well as the dealerships personality. Go ahead, allow yourself some free reign and have fun with it. If you are having fun then your readers will have fun and keep coming back. Someday those loyal readers will need to buy a new car, and since they already like you (and maybe even want to meet you) they have a positive connection with your dealership and are far more likely to buy from you.

A stuffy, sterile blog will be just like talking to yourself digitally...and that would be creepy....


Avinash Kaushik said...

Great point on having fun, I could not agree more.

People often ask me what it takes to be a blogger. Ideas, communication skills, expertise to share, marketing skills, and so on. I think none of those things matter, there is only one thing that does: Passion.

If you are blogger without passion then you are publishing a website. :)

So my advice is to find something you are truly passionate about and blog about that. Could be cars or babies or television or paris hilton or under carriages or, yes, web analytics. :)

Great post.

PS: If it might be of some interest here is post from a while back:

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Noel said...

Thank you for the great tips! I will put them all to the best use I can :)