Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Busy rambling thoughts

My husbands best friends got married this weekend and it was lovely. We spent all weekend with them just relaxing and helping with last minute details. Everyone was so cheerful and happy and calm. I definitely wasn't calm before our wedding, I was so nervous that something important wouldn't get done (like the marriage license). Everything turned out magically at both weddings.

This weekend I didn't get my laundry done, or the shopping, or any of the 11 zillion things I need to get done before my father shows up this week. This is causing me huge amounts of stress, and I am not dealing with that as gracefully as I could be. I have always had that problem, when I get stressed I get very angry and with my bad temper that doesn't work out well for anyone. Hopefully I am better than I was, but I wouldn't count on it ;)

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